Let's get back to the basics.

The obsession of creating and doing.

Walking to the mailbox I came across a sign, a simple sign that lifted away stress and brought inspiration. From the elementary style writing I could tell this was by young boy, starting one of his first entrepreneur endeavors.

Carter's sign was truly refreshing; currently it seems all anyone can ask is: "Have you made a million yet?", "Who's the next unicorn?", and "What are your plans for growth?". DROP ALL OF THAT and think back to the first dollar you ever made. Think back to the first time you exchanged your skill or service for compensation. It didn't matter if it was for 25 cents or 10 dollars - YOU lit up. Don't worry about everyone else, do it for you, do it to light yourself up. Start asking how much you enjoy your business instead of how much will it make you. Let' get back to the basics - the obsession of creating and doing. From passion comes success.

Exchange value for value.

Carter's dog walking service at first glance may not look like much, but when you break it down it is actually pretty inspiring. This young entrepreneur is going to exchange value for value. Children are not unlike most adults, eager to give up and rest on an excuse. Yet there are some who don't rest on excuses, don't take failure as an option - they push forward. Failure is not a concept that is understood - if it doesn't go as planned it's an education, a constant refining process.

There is always a way to apply your circumstances.

Carter could have wanted any number of things; a new toy, a new bike, maybe he heard the mention of money, or just wanted to add value. Most children believe few skills are at their disposal, not unlike many adults. Yet as a young entrepreneur shows, there is always some way to apply your circumstances to achieve your goal. These young entrepreneurs like Carter are a true inspiration and really disbar the excuses from people who say "It can't be done". If you want something, there is a way. Make sure you are always taking your situation and looking instead of excuses for avenues to excel.

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